Planering & utlärning 2022

Måndagar Forshaga

Kl 19:00-20:00

Måndagar Forshaga
10 ggr

Kl 17:30-19:00

Måndagar Sunne

Kl 19:00-20:30

Tisdagar Fagerås 10 ggr

Kl 17:15-18:15

Tisdagar Fagerås

Kl 18:00-20:00

Onsdagar Forshaga
12ggrKl 11:00-12:30

Novice – Intermediate

Nybörjarkurs Improver


Improver Improver
Vecka Forshaga Hvilan Sofia Forshaga Hvilan Lillemor Sunne Christer Fagerås Bygdegård Lillemor Fagerås Bygdegård Lillemor Forshaga Hvilan Susan
7 Vikarier L Lindy Shyffle The Freeze Rep L Lindy Shyffle The Freeze My Heart Is Yours Only Us Kursstart
8 Inställt Inställt Inställt AB-Chilli Cha A-B Troublermaker A-B Bad Boys Danger Twins Dance Without A Partner
9 Dont You Hold Me Down AB-Chilli Cha K Step Boogie Rep She Don´t Know Inställt
10 Infinite Compassion A-B Troublermaker A-B Bad Boys Rep The Cool Cats Rep Blowing Smoke
11 Vikarier Rep Dance Without A Partner All I Am Is You God Blessed Texas Rep Rep
12 Chasing Shots Somekind Of Wonderful Rep Somekind Of Wonderful Sweet Release Sweet Release Greener Grass
13 Sweet Ireland Rita´s Waltz Closer Love Grows The Captain Somekind Of Wonderful
14 Break Into My Heart Mamma Maria Rep Looking For You Light Me Up What A Song Can Do
15 Love Grows Country Walkin I´m On My Way Shake Your Cake Fingers Crossed Rep
16 Påsklov Påsklov Påsklov I Can´t Get Enough Cowboy Up!! Blowing Smoke Here We Go
17 Blowing Smoke First Cha Rep First Cha Surrender Rep
18 Vikarier Let It Bay Feel Like Crying We´re Good To Go Women Up Peace
19 How About That Portland Cha Money Money Money Homeward Bound Rep Rep Avslutning
20 Avslutning Easy Love Rocket To The Sun Avslutning Avslutning Avslutning
Workshop Kick Off 18/3-22 Terminsavslutning 14/5-22
Somekind Of Wonderful Sweet Release Easy Love
Rocket To The Sun
36 Kursstart Kursstart Kursstart Kursstart Kursstart
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